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Chromecast Support?


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Unfortunately, I find myself graced with a phone that doesn't have Miracast. Google Pixel 7. And so I can't use one of the XR Elite's most useful features, the phone screen cast to the headset (presumably it's useful, I can't test it).

Any plans for Chromecast Support, or anything else that would let me see my phone's display directly on the XR Elite? Like plugging my phone directly into the headset? ADB screen share? Though the Chromecast Support would be the best.

(Sidenote, I haven't tested Vive Video yet, but if it's easy to transfer videos/files from my phone or computer quickly to the headset, that my sidestep a good chunk of it. An ability to type into the headset itself using the phone might also make text entry a lot faster than using an in headset keyboard, if the phone can be seen roughly enough, even outside of screen cast. In any case, it's clear a lot of software dev still needs to happen for the headset.)

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