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Vive has never remembered my Floor height correctly... ever


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I've brought this up before, but it was MANY versions and months ago. However, I still have an issue with the floor height every single time I power up the Vive, which I've had since about October. Once powered on, it is fine, and you can play for 15 hours without it forgetting where the floor is. Turn it off and back on though, and you're up to 3 feet above or below the floor.


My lighthouses are mounted and can't move, never have. They sync fine without use of the sync cable. My wall boundries are just fine as well. The only thing that won't stay correct is the floor height after powering off. I've checked, but I don't see any issues due to reflective surfaces or my configuration otherwise, and if that were the case, I'd expect issues during gameplay, not only after powering down and back on again.


I've been able to used the Advanced Settings add on that is made by a 3rd party and has a "Floor Fix" tool. However, even with the recent updates to Vive that gave you more control over your configuration, there's no way to fix the floor height aside from using this third party tool, or doing the entire room configuration all over again.


Is there any way to keep my floor height consistent, or at least correct it without redoing the whole setup or using a 3rd party tool (which can't be guaranteed to work in the future).


I'm a big Vive fan and have talked several friends into getting it over the Oculus, but I always have to throw in the caveat that I have to calibrate my floor every single time I play.


Someone with HTC/Vive reached out to me via email after my last post many months ago, and was working with me on it, but then they just stopped replying. I'd love to get this sorted out!


Any advice is appreciated!

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