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Recommendation -- PCVR UX Onboarding


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Hey all, wanted to provide a fresh feedback on my first 24 hours with the Vive XR elite, with the focus on what I would argue is going to be the most common usage, PCVR streaming.


The initial setup of the Vive XR Elite was refreshingly straightforward and smooth, with seamless phone integration and only a few minor hiccups. The onboarding tutorial offered a solid introduction to hand tracking and navigating the environment while relying on teleportation (please offer more than this, I hate teleportation). However, the experience took a peculiar turn when I attempted to use PCVR mode.

Inadvertently, I found myself using business streaming instead of regular streaming, which likely caused some functionality issues. After installing a clean version of the correct streaming software, I proceeded to configure the wireless component. The QR code feature for pass-through was ingenious—kudos to the developers!

However, my first-hour onboarding experience was marred by difficulties in accessing SteamVR through PCVR streaming. Initially, I assumed that clicking the triple bar icon would reveal SteamVR, but I was mistaken. Consequently, I spent hours troubleshooting, going through reconnections, reboots, and other typical procedures to no avail.

Feeling deflated, I took a break and recharged the headset. When I returned, I resigned myself to browsing the available games, having given up on accessing the SteamVR library I had been so eager to explore. That's when I stumbled upon the elusive drop-down menu, which displayed not only the headset apps but also my PC list—and there they were, all my apps in a more impressive format than I had anticipated. However, I had spent hours floundering due to the unintuitive interface and my adherence to traditional launching methods.

Why share my extensive experience? First and foremost, I wanted to highlight the aspects of the Vive XR Elite that were executed well and show the potential it holds as this headset and technology matures. However, there is one crucial element that could have significantly improved my overall satisfaction with the headset: a clear onboarding tutorial specifically for PCVR/SteamVR connectivity.

As a seasoned VR user, I didn't instinctively explore filter options and instead expended most of my enthusiasm attempting to troubleshoot connectivity issues. This prevented me from fully immersing myself in the exciting world of PCVR. Incorporating a straightforward tutorial could ensure users can effortlessly transition into the PCVR experience.

Moreover, featuring the SteamVR library prominently on the main screen when connected could create a more dynamic and engaging dashboard. This approach would allow users to easily access their favorite games and apps, further enhancing the overall experience.

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To expand this, I was recently made aware of the tutorial on your site:

I think this is great and if you could add that into the menu in a tutorials section or like I said, instead of hiding it within a filter, maybe giving it some dynamic presence in the main screen on the dashboard.

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