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XR Elite sRGB gamma correction issues


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Hi, an XR Elite user of my app reported an issue with colour reproduction, it uses Vulkan with OpenXR. My app typically requires doing sRGB linearization in shaders as the vk images are imported from AHardwareBuffers and are typically marked with Vulkan sRGB pixel formats (ycbcr conversion samplers are used). I have an option to enable/disable the correction and I have asked them to try both on/off and we've also tested creating a swapchain colour format both RGB and sRGB formats, the results have always been the same. The issue does not exist on the Focus 3 so I'm wondering if the issue is in the compositor or runtime Vulkan setup.

They sent me a capture to show the colours looking desaturated


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Hi korejan,

We are managing to clarify the issue. Could you provide the version number of Focus 3/XR Elite ROM? If you can provide the apk for us to test, it helps us to understand the issue. Please DM me via forum if the apk is ready. 



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