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We are Decochon, and we are developing MuX, an innovative VR music sandbox!

In MuX, you build musical machines by plugging together components, and use them to perform your own concerts together with others, in MuX and out of VR. It's super ambitious, super fun, and we think it's going to revolutionize music!


MuX is our fist title, so we have a couple of questions:


  • Is it possible to get feedback from Vive Developers on our product?
  • What kind of development grants / funding / support / partnership does Vive offer, if any?
  • We have already purchased multiple Vive headsets, but we are very interested in testing with trackers. Do we have any options for getting discounts on hardware?
  • Does Viveport support closed alpha/beta distribution, or is that a planned feature?
  • What about an "Early Access" style model?

Additionally, some people are still very skeptical with regards to the future of the VR gaming market, so if anyone has any useful statistics or good insider testimonies/quotes, please feel free to share :)







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