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I choosing a helmet for my tasks (Vive focus 3 + HTC Vive Wrist Trackers)


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I need a simultaneous combination.  PC + Hand Tracking +  Interact with the Real World + Correspondence of the real and virtual world to each other.
I have real layouts in the real world. And I need a person wearing a helmet to be able to safely move around this layout.

As far as I understand, Vive focus 3 has very good hand tracking quality, similar to Quest 2.
I wonder if it is possible to use hand tracking and VIVE Wrist Tracker to use them like base stations.

Also wondering if the Vive focus 3 can track anchors from the real world, such as QR code pictures. I am also interested for  correspondence of the real and virtual world to each other.

Can this helmet help me with such tasks?

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