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Can't find "VIVE Focus 3 Support feature group" with the OpenXR plugin

Chloe Chen

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Hello, I am new to HTC Vive Focus3 and Unity.Ā 

So I was trying to build a virtual room for HTC Vive Focus3 with theĀ tutorial from the forum and also the documentation from the HTC developer.

However, I encountered some problems šŸ˜ž

(The Unity I used is version 2021.3.20f1)

The main problem was that when I turned to XR Plug-in Management and tried to enableĀ OpenXRĀ andĀ VIVE Focus 3Ā Support feature group, I can't find "VIVE Focus 3 Support feature group" (as you can see in the screenshot)spacer.pngĀ Ā 


In additions, I just bought the HTC facial tracker and eye gaze tracker. If I choose to use OpenXR for mobile VR as the SDK, and build my virtual room on Android platform, is thatĀ compatible for both of the trackers?

If my description causing any confusion, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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@Chloe ChenĀ 


There would be two major reasons for thisĀ 
1) Is the vive openxr package installed?Ā 

2) Is the project compiling? The feature group will not be available in some circumstances when there are other compile errors

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