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Laptops that support htc vive pro


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Hi im living in korea, and I'm working on research by using vr development.

I have to develop vr in various locations, so I inevitably work on my laptop,

but this time I bought a new Galaxy Book 3 Ultra (rtx4050) and using an hdmi to dp converter to connect to the link box and operate the headset.
but in steam vr, Error 202 came out and only a red screen came out on htc vive .
As a result of continuing to search for the problem, I found out that the problem is that the laptop does not support non-optimus functions.
So I'm thinking of buying a new laptop that supports non-optimus features.
But again, I'm afraid that there will be problems with the operation again.
Can the asus zenbook pro 14 oled (UX6404VI) (2023) model be used in connection with HTC VIVE PRO?
ZENBOOK PRO is a product that has a MUX switch.
But since it's a new product, there are no reviews, so I'm afraid to buy it.
What if it doesn't work again?
I really need the help of you guys.
If you know of a laptop that works other than the zenbook pro I mentioned, please recommend it.
thank you for reading!

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