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Basic AR demo: anchoring a model


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I'm trying to get a basic AR demo with a 3D model on the floor so you can walk around it and inspect it from all sides.
I am stuck in between the Wave XR tutorials and other unity AR tutorials.

I got passthrough underlay set up, and imported my model. 
Problem is, when I walk around, the model moves a bit as well. 
I guess the anchoring of the model to the floor plane is not set up correctly.

My project is structured like this:

- Directional light
- XR Origin
    - Camera Offset
        - Main Camera
    - MachineModel
 The XR Origin has the following subcomponents: 
   - XR Origin script
   - Input Action Manager script
   - Wave Rig script
What am I missing?
I found unity tutorials (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3OCUE9TwZk) where AR Anchor Managers and AR Anchors are used, but I think these are from AR Foundation and cannot be used with the Wave XR plugin? I suppose I need to do something similar, but with Wave XR components?

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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