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Vive XR Elite doesn't recognize my PC for Wi-Fi casting


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Hi, I can't cast my Vive XR Elite on my PC : my headset does not recognize my PC when trying to cast with WiFi.


Here's le step I have followed to configure the connection :

  • My PC and my Vive XR Elite are connected on the same WiFi
  • I use my smartphone (OnePlus 7 Pro) to connect both PC and headset on WiFi, in the same room
  • The WiFi connection is set on Private
  • I have a 5 Ghz WiFi connection
  • Vive Business Streaming is installed on both PC and headset
  • I have tried to disable the fire wall on my PC


Weird fact : I'm able to connect to my PC with SteamVR thanks to Vive Business Streaming, but I want to access to my Vive apps (because I would like to launch APK files installed on my Vive XR Elite) so SteamVR is not an option to me.


Do you have any recommandation to help me ?

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