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2D apps back button and bugs

dynameis tw

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tried new 2D app feature,  it's better but we need more impove

feature requests:

1. back button , some app like 巴哈姆特動畫瘋 can't work without bank button, please add one or binding to controller

2. now we can position app but can't move up/down vertically , you may check how Vitrual desktop re-positon UI works

3.option to disable or change home environment to save hardware resouces


1. if you use fullscreen function in app , it will go into landscape mode , but curve button missing , can't switch between curve and flat mode


maybe can consider add an thirdparty (or google play) app store for user install 2d app , this 2D app feature really solve a lot issue , it's not easy to find a android that still support miracast nowdays

will try netflix and disney+ later , hope this two works without google services


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