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Focus 3 eye tracking timestamp with Wave Unity SDK

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Im using Focus 3's add-on eye tracker. I need the device timestamp. 

When I was using the Vive Eye Pro with SRanipal, there is a function to get deviceTimestamp(ms). Is there anything similar with the Wave SDK? I need the eye tracker's device timestamp.

Thanks a lot.

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I had to use the Wave Native Unity SDK, something like this got me the timestamp in nanosecconds. Wondering if this is available in Essence?

using Wave.Native;
WVR_EyeTracking_t eyeData = new WVR_EyeTracking_t();
WVR_CoordinateSystem space;
Interop.WVR_GetEyeTracking(ref eyeData, space = WVR_CoordinateSystem.WVR_CoordinateSystem_Local);
Long deviceTimestamp_ns = eyeData.timestamp;
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Hello! So I have been trying for a while to obtain data with the eye tracker accessory (Focus 3) but I can't seem to get it to work inside Unity. Would it be possible to tell me how you were able to get it to work. Also, does it work through DirectPreview?


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