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Vive Console doesn't shutdown the Vive Pro 2

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This started happening about a week ago and I just spent 2 hours installing/reinstalling software trying to figure out a way to make things work. After using the Vive Pro 2, amount of time doesn't matter, closing Steam VR and the Vive console does not result in the headset going to sleep/powering down, the light on the headset stays green instead of turning red. This means that if I turn off the link box, damage is done to the headset. Is anyone else seeing this happen? I'll put my system specs below. I had been using the version of the Vive Console that was installed outside of steam (I don't remember the version exactly 2.0..... up to date but not a beta), I just today tried the steam version ( to see if that would make a difference but they both have the issue. I ran the steam file integrity check and didn't find any issues. I'm out of the warranty period so if anything happens to this headset I'm never buying a Vive again, It's been non-stop issues for me. I've been trying very had to keep this headset going because I like how sharp the display is, but this feels like vive is trying to kill the headset.

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I have not encountered or received any previous issue reports regarding this. Would you mind submitting a log via Vive Console? This may provide some hint for us to check if the device remains awake after the console is closed. 

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