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Unable to Connect HTC VIVE Cosmos to Intel Evo Laptop - Seeking Assistance

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Hey there, fellow VR enthusiasts!


I recently acquired an HTC VIVE Cosmos and I'm super excited to jump into the world of virtual reality. However, I'm facing a roadblock when it comes to connecting the VIVE Cosmos to my Intel Evo laptop. I'm reaching out to this community in the hopes of finding some guidance and solutions. If anyone has experience with connecting the VIVE Cosmos to an Intel Evo laptop or has encountered similar issues, your insights would be greatly appreciated.


Here are the specific problems I'm encountering:

My Intel Evo laptop is equipped with USB-C ports, but the VIVE Cosmos requires a USB-A port for connectivity. I've tried using a USB-C to USB-A adapter, but the headset doesn't seem to be recognized by my laptop. Are there any specific adapter recommendations or workarounds that might help establish a successful connection?

I'm eager to explore the immersive virtual reality experiences that the VIVE Cosmos has to offer, and any advice or insights from this community would be immensely helpful. Whether it's sharing personal experiences, suggesting troubleshooting steps, or providing alternative solutions, your input will be greatly valued.


Thank you all in advance for your time and support!

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