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[Feature Request] launch other program when VIVE Streaming Hub started

Kevin chen

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I need to use a bat file to launch many programs to play PC VR games.
It'll be great If VIVE Streaming Hub can have a UI to set which program will start together.

:: launch program.bat

:: VIVE Streaming Hub
start "title" "C:\Program Files\VIVE Hub\VIVE Hub\VHConsole\VHConsole.exe"

:: Steam VR
start "title" steam://rungameid/250820

:: open settings to turn on hotsopt for headset to connect
start "title" ms-settings:network-mobilehotspot

:: Beat Saber
start "title" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\BSLegacyLauncher\Beat Saber Legacy Launcher.exe"


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