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How to enable exclusive audio mode on VIVE XR Elite HMD?


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In my Unreal Engine Project, I am attempting to initialize each HMD's audio client in "exclusive audio mode" to hopefully reduce voice chat latency as much as possible. Before attempting to initialize, I use the IsFormatSupported() function from IAudioClient interface to check each possible audio format that could possibly be used (since our game can be played on various different HMDs). I start by checking 1-channel 16000 hz sample rate and increase the sample rate until I find a format that is considered "supported for exclusive audio mode". However the issue im having is that IsFormatSupported() is returning S_OK for the 1-channel 16khz format and attempting to call Initialize() using that format and fails everytime with an HRESULT of 0x88890008 indicating the format is not supported by the device. After looking at some of the audio settings for the HMD itself, I can see that the XR Elite mic only supports 1-channel 48khz sample rate which I know from experience is a supported format for exclusive audio mode. My main question is why is the Windows IAudioClient interface saying that a particular audio format is supported on a device but then fails to initialize with that same audio format?

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