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Object Based Tracking for Vive XR Elite


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Is there any way to enable object-based tracking on the Vive XR Elite? I know that markers and scene perception are available. Would it be possible to use 3rd party solutions such as Vuforia or Wikitude to access the camera on the XR Elite and track objects?

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Hi @arbh,

There is no plan for open camera access permission due to the privacy concern.

If you have great idea to integrate with other solutions you mention, you can contact with our region sales for enterprise application. We did grant this access right on Focus 3.


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Posted (edited)

@Tony PH Lin Is this still the case? I am working on an AR app and I know the Meta Quest does not provide access to the camera. For some reason I have in my head that the XR Elite does provide this. I think I may have learned this at the Dutch Immersive Tech Week where I tried the XR Elite.

If I can't access the camera and can not use Vuforia the project for which I received a subsidy will be dead.

[Edit] I recorded a screen capture earlier this week and had passthrough on. Initially recording was blocked due to privacy, but I could override this. Is that possible for apps as well? I have to give permision to record photo's and video's anyway when I start the app for the first time.

Please help.

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Hi @jboss,

Thanks for the inquiry, and it's quite an intensive period for Computex Taipei last week.

We've received your feedbacks from our colleague at Immersive Tech Week.

There will be some SOPs to understand your use case scenarios and discuss together how we secure the privacy data and cooperate with you.

Should connect with you shortly.

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