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Simultaneous Hand and Controller tracking not working


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Hello Vive folks and fellow devs. 

I'm trying to replicate the Maestro game where you have 1 controller and 1 free hand (using hand tracking) at the same time. This was a major reason for us buying / investing in the HTC XR Elite and I can't get it to work in my native C++ Android app using OpenXR API.

I'm using the OpenXR loader .so file I took from the latest Unreal OpenXR plugin (which isn't available elsewhere, for some reason...are there no native C++ App developers out there except us?), and tried everything.

Maestro asks you to turn off one controller, which I tried, but whenever I put down the controller that is still on, then the hand tracking works (on both hands), but when I pick it up again, both hands disappear, not just the hand holding the controller. 

I can't figure it out, can someone help me? Is this use case even supported in OpenXR yet? Or only the old Wave SDK. I can't rewrite my app to support a proprietary SDK so if this isn't possible, I will stop supporting this headset in my app and possibly return it. It's not giving us a main advertised feature in a shipping title.

Thank you for your help and time.


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Someone wrote " Simultaneous interaction only supports Wave XR. You will need to check "Enable Simultaneous Interaction"" then deleted the post.


I got this same information from the creators of Maestro:

Anyway, from looking at the setup it seems like it was as simple as setting a console variable (declared in WaveVRSettings.h, for DefaultEngine.ini😞


All it seems to do, is to add an android manifest feature via WaveVR_UPL.xml:

<addFeature android:name="wave.feature.simultaneous_interaction" android:required="true"/>

I also had a quick look at WaveVR's API wrapper (WaveVR/Source/Private/Platforms/Android/WaveVRPlatformAndroid.h) and the setting does not seem to appear there which makes me think everything is handled by the OS, for as long as the feature is enabled and that you're using the right calls to get hand and controller input data.

What I'd like to know from HTC is: will this feature be ported to OpenXR? And if so, is there an ETA? This is a roadblock for us. We won't be implementing WaveSDK in our app, it's too much maintenance overhead.


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