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Any way to use SteamVR Toolkit?


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I tried setting up a very simple project just using the interaction sample scene from the SteamVR toolkit but it seems I can't get controls to work. So far the best I've managed is bringing in the ViveRig and to be able to look around but I can't move or trigger any type of interaction. Trying to use the SteamVR rig only results in a stationary camera view but I get controller tracking. Is there any way to marry the SteamVR Rig to the wave or openxr rig so I can continue using the tools provided by the Steam toolkit?

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I'm guessing you're talking about a pc based device? 

It's worth noting that the plugin referred to hasn't been updated in 2 years, so likely this is part of the trouble.

Make sure that you're using a vr rig, that the xr management subsystem is enabled for the target device, and that the project works with some known-good examples. We provide samples for both wave and openxr for this reason. Likely other toolkits should have similar scenes. I seem to remember also aware that some older sdks are incompatible with the newer xr plugin system that was introduced post-2019 unity, so that may also be a blocker here, but maybe my memory doesn't serve me.

If wave isn't to your liking, openxr is the standard cross platform toolkit and we support that - try https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/

And we're always here to address questions or help with any issues if you choose to revisit using wave as well!

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