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Vive Cosmos Elite crashes Unity Open XR


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Hey there, we have a problem.

Whenever we run our game VR Giants with a Vive Cosmos Elite it crashes. We are using OpenXR and therefore it should not be a problem. But aparently when the default open xr runtime is set to that viveport it keeps crashing immediatly.
When we set it to steam vr it works like expected.

There is also another problem I do not see any button that alows me to set the open XR defualt to the viveport. Thereby i cannot even reproduce it a second time once its fixed.

Unity version used: 2020.3.16f1 , OpenXR 1.2.8

In the playerLog it says UNKOWN COMPANY for the viveport set as defaulf open xr:

[XR] [14760] [11:54:04.133][Info   ] ==== Report Reason: System Startup Completed ====
[XR] [14760] [11:54:04.133][Info   ] ==== OpenXR Support Details ====
[XR] [14760] [11:54:04.133][Info   ] OpenXR Runtime:
[XR] [14760] [11:54:04.133][Info   ]     UNKNOWN COMPANY, which is not a Unity supported partner
[XR] [14760] [11:54:04.133][Info   ] Unity OpenXR Features:

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