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Windows 11 USB driver issue suspected


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I'm at my wits end getting this to work. TIA for any advice. I'm having an issue after building a new Windows 11 PC using the OG HTC Vive Pro.  Here are screenshots of a program called USBDeview that allows you to see a lot of detail about attached USB devices.

Here's the original screenshot after a PC restart, but before starting SteamVR: https://ibb.co/9rrpq1g

When I startup SteamVR, the system immediately disconnects any attached HTC devices like the lighthouses, dongles, and the headset itself: https://ibb.co/1dF8x7R

SteamVR will then start to "bounce" the HTC Vive, you can hear Windows11 play the connect/disconnect sound as well. This will continue indefinitely: https://ibb.co/nmP1Y7V

Finally if I restart the headset through SteamVR, it will temporarily show everything connected. If I enable mirroring the display I can even see the SteamVR Home environment come up and start tracking on my monitor. But nothing ever comes up on the actual headset and after 10-15 seconds the bouncing starts all over: https://ibb.co/zhmLXYq



1. I've tried running USBDeview during the whole process to view what's going on at a system level.

2. Existing HTC Vive worked fine on Win 10

3. I'm using a suggested Inateck card for the USB (although it's still 3.0)

4. I've tried disabling the XHCI handoff feature on the built in USB 3.2 and using it.

5. I've replaced all cables in case something got pinched during the swap.

6. I've rebooted, removed drivers, and power cycled literally everything.


Specs of the new PC:

Asus ROG Strix X670-E Gaming Wifi AM5

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D

Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x32GB DDR5 6600

EVGA GeForce 3080ti

SteelSeries 7 Headset

SteelSeries Keyboard

Logitech G502 Hero



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I Built a new PC in Aug but finally got time to try out the VR on the new rig. My old system was intel core i7 7700k 32GB DDR4 and 1080Ti Graphics card, I still have it and the VR works fine on it. It won't work on my windows 11 build AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D 64GB DDR5 ATI 7900 XTX. I am also suspecting a driver issue but I have updated all drivers and MB bios as well. Any update on this?

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So there is an issue with the way the broadcom bluetooth drivers are, and you cant load the drivers, broadcom say they are legacy, and wont update them.

For new installs, there is something called "memory integrity", which if enabled prevents the drivers from loading.

It is found under Windows Security -> Device Security -> Core isolation (details) -> Memory Integrity -> switch to off.


I cant enable it to start with for old install

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If you're experiencing USB driver issues on Windows 11, ensure your drivers are up to date and compatible. Check the Device Manager for any conflicts, and try different USB ports. If problems persist, consider reinstalling or updating USB drivers. Online forums and Microsoft support can provide valuable troubleshooting guidance.

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