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some games i can play some i cant, help


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hello, when i start some of my games it loads and then nothing happens,
a window with the games is open on my screen, but the games is not in my vive....
my vive only shows a whrite area and then my area on the ground.

i can can play these games with no problems:
Beach Bowling
Carnivel Games
cloudlands mini golf
fruit ninja
rec room
skeet: target shooting
space pirate trainer
and some more

but i cant play these:
cosmic Sugar
The lab
nvidia funhouse
portal stories
and some more...

any idea what the problem is?

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I also experience the same issue and can't find a solution anywhere.


I can play:


Raw Data

Virtual Rickality


Space Pirate Trainer


The Blue

Tilt Brush

To The Top

Waltz of the wizard


Cannot play:

Deadly Hunter

The Lab

Vanishing Realms


Haven't tried other games yet.


And same as OP, a loading window appears but the game never loads completely on the Headset. In The Lab I hear the Iconic Valve intro music but nothing else happens.


Doesn't seem to be a performance issue since I run other demanding games well.

I also tried enabling and disabling SteamVR Beta and a bunch of other settings but to no avail.


These are all titles that I bought from the Steam Store.

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If you are using a ASUS motherboard, DO NOT install "Asus Ai Suite", this badly behaved software (lot of it runs in the background from bootup) cause a LOT of grief with the Vive. Many people have solved their problems by fully un-installing this "Asus Ai Suite".

Asus might make good motherboards but their software blows dead goats at midnight lol.

Regards: Jack

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