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Vive XR Elite - Hand Tracking Statue: Error


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I had read documentations about hand tracking in HTC Developers and VIVE Hand Tracking SDK(Vive Hand Tracking SDK Guide — Vive Hand Tracking SDK 1.0.0 documentation), but I have no idea hot to solve this problem.

There is a Unity sample scene in VIVE Hand Tracking SDK called "UISample".

Hand tracking status is "Running" on Unity Editor, but I builed a apk and  install it on Vive XR Elite is "Error". 



There are some images about my unity project. (Unity 2021.3.11f)






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Hi @Pin-Yen,

Sorry for the late response.

For Vive Hand Tracking SDK, it required WaveVR 3.2.0 which was out dated and not supported on XR Elite.

May I know what's your purpose for using Vive Hand Tracking SDK?

If you just want to enable handtracking for your app, you can refer to below link.


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