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Sudden Issues With Pro 2


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Originally I ran into issues where my Pro 2 just stopped working.

Intermittent tracking loss, base stations would just stop showing up and come back on steam vr, video would cut in and out.

So I contacted Vive support, sent back my HMD and paid $140 for them to send me a new one (out of warranty). Plug in the brand spanking new Vive Pro 2, same problem.

When running Vive Pro 2 setup, display port and usb are detected immediately with no errors.

Symptoms: Started getting error 03: no video stream detected, headset led changes from red to bright green, to red to bright green, over and over. Occasionally when it goes bright green I get a flash of multicolored noise on the screens, then led switches to Red and screen goes black again. This happens consistently on a loop. On SteamVR I can see that the headset is tracking perfectly.

Here's everything I've tried: Different usb ports, 3 different link cables, 2 different mini display to display port cables, both display ports on my 3070 ti, updating drivers, updating graphics drivers separately, updating BIOS, changing PCIeX16 from gen4 to gen3, reinstalling Vive software completely, new installation of windows, everything.

Plug in my old Vive, works flawlessly without hiccups. All flat screen games work flawlessly. I've used the vive pro 2 for over 800 hours before it just stopped working with no warning.

Please help.

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Replying to this to say I've found my issue and it has been resolved.

I suspected my Vive pro 2's original cable was internally broken due to my admittedly abusive use of the headset over the past two years (enjoying VR to its fullest!)

I had ordered a set of Vive Pro cables, not a Vive Pro 2 cable. One extra for backup incase they decide to stop making them or god forbid future supply chain issues. 

The Vive Pro 1 cable will work with the Pro 2, but you cannot use the 120 hz refresh rate. Default is 90 hz. The pro 1 cable works fine for this amount of data throughput but cannot withstand the demand of 120 hz 'Extreme' quality.

I haven't found this info out there before, so hopefully this useful to someone years down the road. If you run a vr arcade with pro 2's this will save you loads of money in the long run. Cheers!

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