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Connecting arduino to hand interaction in Vive XR Elite

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Hi there

I am currently new to programming with the Vive XR elite. I currently want to link my XR hands to the Arduino Mega 2560. I know I have to use the Nets Framework to do obtain Systems.IO.Ports. Now for some reason using the XR hands package, I can get the XR hands to work but for some reason I cannot interact with objects (like pinch grasp, or power grasp). Now the questions I have are:


1) How do I make sure my XR hands using OpenXR can interact with objects on the Vive XR Elite (i.e. when I pick up an object I actually pick up an object)?

2) Once the object is picked up or touching the object, I want to send the signal back to my arduino in "1" or "0" to indicate whether to turn on the system or not (e.g. a DC motor). 

A) Is the code integrated onto the XRhand or the gameobject?

B) Do I need to make a separate script? If I do, how do I call on the script? If not, how do I integrate it with the current architecture?


Thank you




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