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ViveWireless Installer - Needs SteamVR Installed first


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Hi team,

I am trying to put together some managed VR machines for a university and school based environment for custom purchased VR software. As such we are trying to restrict as much as possible so that the machines are used solely for the educational apps we have installed.

The problem I am facing is with the ViveWireless Installer as it is currently giving the following error: VIVE Wireless needs SteamVR installed first. Please install SteamVR and try again. 

This cannot be resolved as we have not installed Steam and then SteamVR on the machines in order to run the VR applications. What we use instead is the Enterprise version of SteamVR which functions offline and independently of Steam. This however does not get installed and therefore does not show up in Registry keys, etc. It still provides the full functionality to play non-Steam VR games. 

The problem is then how can I install the ViveWireless Installer without fully installing steam, signing in with an account, installing SteamVR and then ViveWirelessInstaller.exe. All to then remove Steam and SteamVR and replace it with the enterprise version. 

I have seen a few forums suggesting to place SteamVR in the same folder location as Steam would by default (this has not worked) and attempted to mimic as much as possible (with registry values) to no success. Can you tell me what the ViveWireless installer is checking for to confirm SteamVR is installed on the machine? I am guessing it is a specified registry value but there are too many places to check. 

Any help is much appreciated.

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