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Vive Streaming Buffering Constantly

Snow van Night

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I am trying to play games via Vive streaming wireless on my EX Elite but I keep buffering and get thrown to the Vive logo loading screen.
I am on Vive Streaming Hub version 1.2.4a, my Headset is updated to the newest version.

My PC is connected via LAN to my router and my Headset is connected to the router, but even when I am within half a meter of the router without any obstructions between it and me I do not get a good connection, spending about 90% of time on the loading screen only to then have a second of actually steaming before it kicks me back into the loading screen.

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There can be many reasons for this. I have very few issues with streaming on my setup.

1) What speed is the LAN card running at? It needs to be at least 1Gb.

2) What frequency of WiFi is the headset connected to? It needs to be at least 5 GHz.

3) What is the Vive Streaming Hub reporting when you get the Vive loading animation?

It's probably best to use the "Report an issue" option in Vive Streaming and this will raise a case with Vive support with the streaming logs.

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