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HTC Vive XR Elite - Full Body Tracking


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As the FBT is currently not released. I was wondering if we could get some information when possible.
-Will the tracking be similar to base stations, stationary in a room? Or will they be attached to the headset / body?
-Will third party hardware be compatible with the headset to allow FBT if not? 

-Will other FBT hardware be compatible to connect / work with the Vive trackers to allow for more integration? 
-Will there be a need for more then one of the trackers to be able to track full body accurately?
-Will the tracking work under blankets / covers or in poorly lit areas?


Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. If more information becomes available please post more as availability arises! Thank you!

-These questions are directed towards the usage in VRChat. 

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