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Brand New VIVE PRO 2 and Alienware m18 with RTX 4090 very blurry & unwatchable VR Video


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I just upgraded my laptop and VR headset. I bought a Alienware M18 fully maxed out on every aspect of HW. For example:

13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9 13980HX (24-Core, 36MB L3 Cache, up to 5.6GHz Max

Video Card
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 16GB GDDR6

I'm only using it to watch VR movies but the resolution is horrible and I see rings in my headset and only a small center area within my lenses is clear (approx. the middle 1/3 of the headset). The left and right 1/3 of the lenses are super blurry. Even menus in DEO VR player are blurry. Just trying to use it in Steam is super chunky, slow and I occasionally get gray screens.  I've looked online but some of the fixes have done nothing to help me. I'm running DEO VR Player to watch VR videos. Looking for any ideas to get VR video watchable. Currently it isn't even watchable. Currently, everything is on factory settings.




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