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Integrating Foveated Rendering with Unreal Engine 5 on Focus 3: Discussions & Solutions


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Hello everyone,

I am looking to start a discussion about integrating Foveated Rendering on HTC Vive Focus 3 in an application compiled by Unreal Engine 5. Foveated Rendering is a rendering technique that reduces the image resolution in the peripheral vision, thus allowing for improved performance. This seems like a valuable addition for enhancing performance and user experience in VR applications, particularly on devices like the Focus 3.

Technical Possibility: Is it currently possible to integrate Foveated Rendering into a UE5 project for Focus 3? If so, what are the steps involved?
Experiences and Results: For those who have experimented with Foveated Rendering on UE5 or other engines, what are your feedback and results?
Optimizations and Performance: How does Foveated Rendering impact the performance and visual quality on Focus 3?
Documentation and Resources: Are there any tutorials, documentation, or code samples available to assist in implementing this technique?
Issues and Solutions: What are the issues encountered while implementing Foveated Rendering on Focus 3 with UE5, and how have you resolved them?

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