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HMD "name" with ViveOpenXR and UE 5.2.1


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I'm developing a project which needs to target 2 different platforms, Quest 2 and the HTC Vive. Naturally I'm looking to make use of each device within the editor for testing. In order to manage this, UE has a notion of a plugin priority system whereby you tell it which HMD plugin to try and in which order. It looks like this by default in the BaseEngine.ini

; Since SteamVR also works with the Oculus Rift, give priority to the native Oculus plugin before trying SteamVR.
; OpenXR is production ready and, if enabled, should be the priority plugin. For 4.27, we still need to prioritize
; the native plugins due to runtime features that are not yet supported in OpenXR. 

The way to read this is that if an Oculus HMD is plugged in, use the associated plugin (Meta XR in that case). Barring that, if a SteamVR HMD is plugged in, use the associated plugin for that...which used to be the actual SteamVR plugin but that is now deprecated. If all else fails, if the connected device is an OpenXR compatible HMD then use the OpenXR plugin.


That being said, the issue I'm having is that the SteamVR pugin itself is deprecated. I've installed the ViveOpenXR plugin and enabled that. How do I now direct UE to use that plugin from a priority perspective? What I'm looking for is how does an HTC Vive identify itself? The reason I ask is that with the current default priority scheme, if I enable both the MetaXR and ViveOpenXR plugins, for some reason the UE attempts to use the OculusHMD associated plugin. Meaning that for whatever reason it believes that's the right plugin to use. If I put OpenXRHMD higher in priority, everything works just fine....it engages the ViveOpenXR plugin.


Hopefully this is making sense because it's driving me nuts. I don't understand why it tries to use the plugin associated with OculusHMD for the HTC Vive. Any guidance/suggestions would be welcome. FWIW, I do realize the docs for ViveOpenXR plugin state to disable the MetaXR plugin. Probably for this exact reason. That being said, I can run no issue with both plugins enabled as long as I swap the HMDPluginPriority order prior to bringing up the editor. I would like to not have to do that if possible.

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