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Need to disable boundaries on the Vive Focus 3

Maple Bay

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We are currently looking into what headset we want to use for an upcoming VR experience, we have bought a Focus 3 to test things with and are looking for a way to disable the boundary system as we don't want players to ever see the boundary outlines or have the possibility of having to redraw them. We need to get this sorted before deciding on the final headset we want to use.

From the looks of it, VO mode might be a solution for this?
I have been trying to get this set up to test but I don't seem to have access to the VBC download link, the support team told me to make a thread here so one of the developers could assist me.
Any extra tips on how to disable boundaries are very welcome.

Thank you for your time.

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Howdy @Maple Bay

There are two options:
1) kiosk mode - set larger boundaries than are needed and drop users into 'kiosk mode' and they will not see the boundaries of the space and have no option to redraw them
2) LBSS  -  our location based suite has a) ways to lock down headsets, control and reset them to a consistent state as well as b) tracking options and modes to avoid anything boundary/map related  - https://business.vive.com/mea-en/support/vive-lbss/category_howto/location-based-entertainment-(lbe)-mode.html --LBSS is what most large arcades and event folks use as it also provides device management suite / software updates / system version control and other features useful when managing more than a few headsets at a time.


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Hello @Alex_HTC

Thanks for your response, for this game specifically kiosk mode might do the trick.
LBSS mode obviously sounds perfect but I'm also thinking in terms of keeping the cost down as we are aiming to buy 24 headsets for this experience to start with.
Will give the kiosk mode a shot and see if it works well enough for our needs or if we might need to bite the bullet and pay for LBE.

Thanks again!

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