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Self Tracking Tracker - Any Updates?


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Has anyone been able to find out any further updates on the release of the Self Tracking Trackers HTC announced in March?

I'm working on a project at the moment where the use of these trackers will solve a problem we've been trying to solve for the best part of a year. The announcement said that the units would be made available for release in Q3, yet there has been no further news on the devices since the initial March announcement and we're now near the end of the year.

I've emailed all the contacts I have for HTC, as well as the email on the Information page HTC has for the product, however there has been no response, not even to acknowledge my inquiries.

Incredibly disappointed as we have developed using the XR Elite based on promises (From HTC directly) that both these trackers and QR style tracking will be made available, yet neither has. We're now facing delays to the project release. 

If anyone can provide an update it would be much appreciated.

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