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WaveSDK Direct Preview only showing one eye in Unreal 4.27.2


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Hi, I'm trying to develop for Focus 3 using WaveSDK and Unreal 4.27.2, everything works great if I packaged the app, but VR preview looks like the attached image.


I've already followed the guide for Direct Preview, but it's only barely showing in the left eye with a lot of blur and chromatic aberration and controller tracking barely work.

Which made development very slow because I need to package the app each time for testing.

I've tried a blank project, and the sample project provided by vive.

I've tried both enabling and disabling Instanced Stereo, Mobile Multi-view, Forward Shading, Vulkan

I've tried changing the viewport resolution in editor preference.

I've tried WaveSDK version 4.50, 5.3.2, and 5.4.0.

None of it worked.

Please help

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Hi @Flaxias,

Have you ever tried this:

Based on the Virtual Reality project of Unreal Engine to align project settings. Import and enable the WaveVR plugin.


Then keep both the Instanced Stereo and the Mobile Multi-View ENABLED.

Enlarge the New Viewport Resolution:

                Navigate to Editor -> Editor Preference -> Level Editor -> Play -> Game Viewport Settings -> New Viewport Resolution

                Select a large resolution (might be 27” monitor for example)




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Hi @Johnson_Wu, thank you for your reply.

I've tried all of that before and it didn't work, as I mentioned in my first post.

I don't know how but it's working now. I reinstalled Unreal 4.27, bought a new router, created new project and migrated all of my files there, and reset the Focus 3.


Now I'm facing another problem, somehow my controller is only detected as 3 DoF in Unreal Preview. But it's working properly as a 6 DoF if I packaged the game.

It's possible to get the controller position data using Get Device Pose node, but then I need to rewrite my codes to incorporate that node just so I can test the game in VR Preview mode.

Is there any way to force the controller to be 6 DoF in preview mode? I'm just using Unreal's VR template.

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