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Hi HTC community, 

I wanted to poke around a question.  In Oculus, there's a tab in the settings menu that let's the user allow for permissions such as microphone use/camera/location data, similar to that like an Android phone.

  image.thumb.jpeg.956b1d1b86f30b4dd4aeb218f705b8b7.jpeg           image.thumb.jpeg.3800d00091e0c647c942ab38c205e9eb.jpeg

Does the Vive XR Elite have the same functionality to toggle permissions?  Reason being that I'm trying to create an implementation in Unreal Engine with the Bleutilities plugin: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/ble-utilities
Essentially trying to take a bluetooth device that doesn't connect as a conventional bluetooth device (can't just pair directly to the headset, it's one of those devices that only connects to a specific mobile application), and connect it to my application to receive notications from that device.  I've tried this in a blank UE project on Oculus and it does work.

Toggling on Nearby Devices and Location (Precise) were critical components to making use of the plugin and implementation on Oculus, and I don't think I see that any option for that on the Vive XR Elite.

An alternative method I tried to do was to add android permissions to my project, namely ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION but it still couldn't pair the bluetooth device.


Any and all inquiries on this would be great to have.  Thank you!





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