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PLS HELP! Can't use installed APK software(


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Hello everybody!

Need help with the Vive Flow device. I installed several programs (.apk files) through the ADB utility. Everything went well. The programs are visible in the settings menu - file manager. There is an uninstall button, but there is nothing on the main launcher screen. And I can't run any of these programs. I want to try to install some alternative video player and also need a program to view photos. VIVEPORT VIDEO unfortunately does not support many different formats. Tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks for any advice!

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Hi there Alex, I have a Vive Flow that I installed Total Commander on. The app shows under the Storage menu, but it does not show in the launcher.

The launcher does have a filter but only shows "Installed" and "Uninstalled".


Can you please help?

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On 11/27/2023 at 4:59 PM, Beta_Tester said:

Hi there. They should automatically appear in the Library area. If they don't appear, then giving the headset a reboot after you had installed the apk's should sort it.

Rebooting is not solving the issue. 

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