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Join the Vive Desk Beta with your VIVE XR Elite and Boost Your Workspace Productivity!


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Introducing VIVE Desk Beta: A Virtual Desktop to Boost Your Workspace Productivity

Have you ever considered getting multiple monitors but couldn't commit due to problems such as:

  • Lacking enough desk space.
  • Being unable to decide between dual, triple, or ultra-wide screen monitors.
  • Wishing to have a multi-screen setup on the go.
  • Budget constraints around buying multiple high-quality monitors .

Using a virtual desktop instead of physical monitors can solve these issues because:

  • You won't need any additional space on your desk.
  • You can easily switch between virtual screen configurations, whether it's dual, triple, or ultra-wide.
  • All you need is your laptop and a VIVE XR Elite, both of which are highly portable devices.

With the latest advancements in spatial computing, mixed reality, and display technologies, we've reached a point where working in a virtual space could revolutionize your workspace experience.

And this is where we introduce: VIVE Desk Beta .

VIVE Desk Beta is our new virtual desktop solution that will change the way you interact with screens. There are many features such as virtual screens that can you can move and size individually, pointer/cursor that can be moved across the entire virtual environment using your mouse or vr controller, and support for mixed reallity that will let you merge your virtual desktop with a physical workspace.

Sounds like a scene in sci-fi movie? Well, fiction goes to reality today for everyone with a VIVE XR Elite.

Please check the blog post for more detail, and join our discord for discussion.

Join us today to get access to VIVE Desk Beta:

  1. VIVE Discord Server
  2. VIVE Desk Beta Channel
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