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Black Screening Issue (Cosmo Elite)


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Hey does anyone know why recently my COSMO ELITE has been black-screening as if i closed vive console or steamvr taking away the audio aswell then after around 6 seconds it would load back up to where i was. i thought it would be the mini DP adapter i use because when i would move it a little bit while its plugged in my laptop that would make it black out. so i ordered a NEW mini DP adapter and once i set up my VR i was playing for around 20 minutes fine then suddenly it happened again, but after it would happen once it would non-stop keep turning off and back on every 10 seconds. I have decided to plug my VR into my old PC and it let it run for a hour which it works perfectly fine no matter what so i dont think the VR cable is the problem or anything. I wouldn't think the Mini Adapter Port in my laptop is the problem too as when i mentioned i would move it a bit while plugged in that wouldnt make it black-screen too anymore. Im not sure what else can be the problem causing this its just so random and i havent seen any posts on this issue for what i have checked anyway 😕 **i have also tried the "tape on sensor" which people have said this worked but for me it dosent still**

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