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OnApplicationFocus / OnApplicationPause never called


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I'd like to do something when the system button is pressed and the Vive menu shows up. However neither OnApplicationFocus() or OnApplicationPause() gets invoked when doing so.
Am I missing something ? I've looked through the WaveXR events but haven't found anything corresponding.

I'm on Vive Focus 3, Unity 2020.3.34f1, Using Wave XR Plugin - 5.4.0-r8

Would greatly appreciate any advice !

- Eliot

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Hello @VIVE_chengnay

OnApplicationPause(bool pause) was never called when I needed it.
As @Mark Moukarzel said, and as I have seen elsewhere on the forums, this is only called after 3 mins of the HMD being idle.
This does not fit my use case, so I'm currently using Interop.WVR_IsInputFocusCapturedBySystem() which seems to work fine.

Thank you both for your replies !

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