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Hi All

This is really to give my first impressions of the Vive Pro 2 after about a month's use. I have previously used a HP Reverb G2 that I was  initallypleased with once I got it working. However, the headset died not long out of warranty after periods of blacking out became permament. This is a fault that has been noted by a number of people online and I could not get any sensible answers from HP about later versions. Thus I had no intention of purchasing another from them after the experience. Online checks seemed to suggest the Vive Pro 2 was reliable. 

First, first impression is that the Vive Pro 2 is (was) over priced. By misadventure I managed to miss the sale price, but went ahead anyway. However, once I had got it  running at full resolution and 120 Hz I was impressed by the visuals. There are more "God Rays" than the Reverb but I do not find them a problem as they only usually appear when there is bright white on a black background  as found on some game opening screens. Standard of build is very reassuring, much more solid than the Reverb G2 and I find just as comfortable. For the record I am using a homebuild PC with MSI X570 Pro A motherboard, Ryzen 9 5900X CPU, Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics, 128 Gb Crucial 3200 RAM and a fairly hefty power supply. Up to date Windows 11 OS. I tend not to count frame rate, as long as the experience is smooth as it has been quite happily so far.

Now a word about my circumstances: I am probably not the average user in that I am now in my seventy ninth year with, unfortunately, some of the problems older age tends to bring. In my case it is very poor hearing and and arthritis. I have been a Gamer since the early nineteen eighties, so must be be a few of us who have survived! One of the best things about the Reverb was very clear (and loud) sound, although this led to problems of the visuals blacking out when the sound was high, something well known. I found the earphones on the Vive Pro 2 virtually unuseable, just not loud or clear enough. Luckily they can be easily removed and I have done this and used a pair of Sony Studio Monitor headphones running from the Realtek audio on my PC with the help of a headphone amplifier. The Sony's curly cable is something of a nuisance but the headset fits generally over the Vive Pro without problem. This works very well and I may get round to sorting out similar quality headphones with a more manageable cable if I can find something at the right price. I do not use the microphone at the moment. The thought has struck me that it may be worthwhile experimenting with the Reverb G2 speakers when the Vive warranty runs out!

Because of arthritis in my hands, I have found the touch pad control difficult compared to the mini joysticks on the Reverb controller. There is just a little too much extention required. However, the tracking is much better than the Reverb controller that seemed to get "lost" in the most active moments of, for instance, 'Half Life Alyx'! When finances allow, I intend to try the Valve Index controllers. This is not a criticism as such of the Vive Wands, rather than changing suddenly to something completely different after getting used to it for eighteen months.

The other problem, not specifically related to the Vive Pro 2 is that I really need to play seated. I have little space and standing for more than short period produces severe back pain. Most games can be played seated but there are a number that require more movement than I can give. I realise I am in a minority, but I do hope games designers will think of allowing seated options in the game design. There is also room for Valve with Steam VR to make height adjustment during play easier. 

Apart from the moan about the price (I had ordered through Amazon at the reduced price but managed to order the wrong item and by the time the finances had been re-arranged had lost the price drop. HTC wouldn't budge when I asked if I could purchase at the sale price so there are some sour grapes!), I am enjoying the Vive Pro 2. Games in VR have so much more immersion that I find playing on the monitor unsatisfactory.

If any forum members have their own thoughts about some of the points made, particularly the sound issue,seated play and some of the issues facing older users, I would like to hear from them.

All the Best






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