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Vive Business Streaming 1.13.4 - BETA Release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming- 1.13.4 - Beta release notes

Released November 15th, 2023

VIVE Business Streaming - 1.13.4

  • Added support for avatars using VRChat’s native eyelook and eyelid tracking (eye tracker required).
  • Fixed SteamVR Dashboard been transparent when MR enabled with UE contents
  • Console UI revised to show update progress.

VIVE Business Streaming app - (Please connect Focus 3 to PC via USB to update)

  • Stability improvement
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@C.T. I really appreciated the continued support for the Focus 3, so thanks very much for that. I'm just gonna throw this suggestion out there one more time: please give us a toggle to enable/disable the controller prompts when streaming PCVR content. Maybe it's a niche request, I don't know, but it's the last remaining thing that bothers me about the headset. Over the years you fixed basically every little issue, so I just don't understand why we can't get this obvious quality of life improvement.

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On 11/20/2023 at 8:01 AM, C.T. said:

Basically you are looking for ways to disable the "turn on controller prompt" that appears when turning off the controller while streaming?

@C.T. Sorry for the delayed response, but yes that is the only feature that is currently missing that I would really like to see implemented at some point. When streaming, you might only need keyboard and mouse or a controller, and to be forced to have the controllers active and just lying around doing nothing is a real inconvenience for me (and I assume other users). I would be eternally gratefuly for a toggle!

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