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Vive Focus Marker-based drift prevention


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Hello , I don't seem to be able to post in the Lbbs forum

I have created the markers, measured the distance between them top left corner to top left corner,


put it into my phone ran the set up with markers and selected the json file,

When i am scanning the map i have a pop up saying that the distance between my markers is wrong,

1 how accurate does it need to be?

2 for example i put the distance as 2.74, as it is 2 meters 74 cm appart


any help would be appreciated





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So i got it to work by using whole numbers. So 2 works but 2.7 does not. Which is a shame as in a room not all spaces are whole numbers. I feel it would be more accurate if i places the markers where i need them. Then measure the distance between them and put that in the json file. 

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