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htv vive pro, does it support unreal engine 5.3 playback in VR mode?


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Unreal Engine 5.3 deprecates the SteamVR plugin. I enabled the OpenXR plug-in in the UE5.3 project, opened the SteamVR software and connected the Vive Pro HMD and base station.

However, UE5.3 projects cannot be previewed in VR mode, but UE5.1 projects can. Is it because UE5.3 does not support HTC Vive now?

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Great question! We fully support unreal 5.3 - first, one needs to install our openx plugin, starting here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unreal/unreal-tutorials/viveppenxrplugininstallation/

Openxr requires a vendor-specific plugin at the moment for each platform, and they 'load' the openxr runtime in incompatible ways. This feels silly for developers and it is something that we're working with the openxr committee to address.

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