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Focus 3的軟體商店(VIVE Business AppStore)軟體上架問題?


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因爲Focus 3的軟體商店(VIVE Business AppStore)不像其他機型,這款Vivid vision HOME 弱視治療的軟體程式沒有上架(也不知道是不是要有特殊的商業合約簽訂,才能讓程式上架)

有其他方式可以讓這款軟體被安裝在Focus 3裡並可以順利執行嗎?



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Ideally, the developer opts in to the vive business app store when releasing the product, this is done on https://developer.viveport.com/console/ 

The developer then need to check this box:

And then it will go through QA and review.

You can contact the company at https://www.seevividly.com/contact

In addition, with some effort there may be a way to sideload the application 

You could always try to side load the application using adb or sidequest advanced installer.


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