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Wave getting started info missing


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I am trying to start working with the Wave SDK by following this page: https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-wave/tutorials/getting-started-wave-unity-developers/

The Project Settings section works fine, but in the Setup HeadsetTracking the Wave Rig is not present.

I also found this tutorial: 


This tells me to install the Wave XR Plugin through the Package Manager, but it seems to be already installed (which is correct, I installed it as part of the previous getting Started part). I installed the samples, but still the Wave Rig is not in the project.

So something must be missing in the tutorials. Please help.

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Hi @jboss,

If I understand your question correctly, you are searching for the Wave Rig prefab inside of the Search window of the project folder, seen in the screenshot below, correct? If that is the case, can you confirm that you have your Search window set to All or In Packages. If you have it set to In Assets, you will not be able to locate the Wave Rig because it inside the packages.


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Hi @jboss,

I'm having difficulty reproducing your issue. I used Unity 2021.3.29f1 to create a new project and downloaded version 5.5.0-r.10 of the VIVE Wave Installer. I have pasted a screenshot of what the plugin looks like in Package Manager. I have also pasted a screenshot of the location of the Wave Rig. Based on your screenshot, can you confirm that you have the VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence package installed?



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I did not have the Wave Essence package installed. After I installed it I could find the Wave Rig.

So that was the missing part. It is not mentioned in the links I gave in my first post, so I think it should be added there.

I tried to Build and Run one of the Wave XR sample scenes, ControllerSample and I get this build error:


And when I click on Troubleshoot I get to a non-existing page:

I downloaded the AndroidManifest from the Tutorial in my first post, step 5a. It's attached.


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There are a lot more problems with the SDK.

I removed the line about the theme from the AndroidManifest and had to remove the line with tools:replace as well.

Then I got a mesage saying that you can not set minSdk in the AndroidManifest (see attachment), so I had to comment out that line as well. 

Then I could finally run the scene on my headset, but it ws unusable. The SeaofCubesMain scene shows a menu where I need to select from 3DOF or 6DOF. I can point the reticle on the options using the headset, but I can not select them.

I tried the ControllerSample scene and this shows a menu that is stuck to the headset, so when Imove my head it moves with me. And here as well, I can not select anything.

This is becoming very disappointing, coming from the ease of developing for the Vive Pro Eye. I haven't even bothered to unpack the Ultimate trackers that were included in the bundle.

XR Elite Test MinSdk Error.png

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Ok, I finally got it to work. After removing the AndroidManifest and building my own scene with the WaveRig and the Interaction Mode manager as described in the first tutorial I could build and run to my device.

It's also confusing that the first tutorial starts with an empty project and the second one using the VR template. I tried a new project using the second tutorial and there also after removing the AndroidManifest it works. Although the interactables button did not seem to do anything.

So I guess someone should check the AndroidManifest file to make sure it is working.

Sorry for getting upset, I tend to get frustrated if tutorials don't work as described.

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Hi @jboss,

No need to apologize. I'm happy to hear that you were able to get up and running with the tutorial. I'm not familiar with the AndroidManifest issues you were seeing. The VIVE Wave XR Plugin installs all 3 packages including the Essence package. I'm curious as to how your project was in a state where the VIVE Wave XR Plugin was installed, but your project didn't have the Essence package.

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@jbossThe android manifest issues you're seeing are from using wave 3.x features in the manifest. I'm guesing you got a manifest from an old version of the manifest guide, as the current one is using the 4x features and uses the theme android:theme="@style/Theme.WaveVR.Black". This gets auto-added to your manifest by current apis, and the only thing you should need to add for store submission are the controller section:

        <!-- Disable Controller Pairing (set to 'true' to skip controller pairing dialog) -->
        <meta-data android:name="no_controller_pairing" android:value="false" />

        <!-- Documentation: https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/ConfigureAppCapabilities.html -->

        <!--Please consider the DoF support of HMD and controller individually for your content.-->
        <!--Set value “3DoF” if your content only considers the rotation pose. -->
        <!--Set value “6DoF” if your content considers both rotation and position pose. -->
        <!--Set value “3,6DoF” if your content is capable of supporting both 3 and 6 DoF playing. -->
        <meta-data android:name="com.htc.vr.content.NumDoFHmd" android:value="3,6DoF"/>
        <meta-data android:name="com.htc.vr.content.NumDoFController" android:value="3,6DoF"/>

        <!--The value could be 0, 1 or 2. Use comma(,) between value if your content can support multiple cases.-->
        <!--Set value “0” if your content supports gaze mode only. -->
        <!--Set value “1” if your content only supports playing with one controler. -->
        <!--Set value “1,2” if your content supports playing with either one controler or two controlers. -->
        <!--Set value “0,1,2” if your content supports all cases, which mean user can play by gaze mode, one controller or two controllers. -->
        <meta-data android:name="com.htc.vr.content.NumController" android:value="1,2"/>

        <!-- The maximum Wave SDK API level which your app uses, default value is 1. -->
        <!-- https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/Sdk_WvrVersionCheck.html -->
        <meta-data android:name="minWaveSDKVersion" android:value="1" />

For development, you shouldn't need to add the manifest, so deleting it for now will work fine.

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