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Vive Pro and Pro2's Controller lost in steamvr


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Problem: Controllers on VIVE Pro devices and Pro2 devices have a rare chance of losing control when playing in steamvr.

I wonder if the forum supports Chinese language support. English is not very good, please forgive me.

My development environment: Unity2022.3.4,Unity OpenXR,

We developed a PC VR streaming game.

The problem is this,

Our new game Demo is being tested. A small number of customers reported that after wearing the device, the gamepad controller could not be controlled after entering the game, and the hand display could not be moved on the ground.

We put in a remote control to help fix the problem. Before entering the game, we can see in the steamvr view that the gamepad controller is controllable, but after entering the game, the gamepad controller is lost and cannot be moved. We also tested other games like Chef Wars (ClashOfChefsVR) and CrazyKungFu_VR (CrazyKungFu_VR), both of which had lost controllers. (halflife-alyx) has no issues with missing controllers, and it feels like OpenXR has something to do with it.

Finally we found that we could only do this by turning off the "SteamVR Settings". Video -> Pause VR when the head-mounted display is idle" is resolved.

Almost searched the Internet to find the root of this problem, but please help me, a little clue can also, thanks again.




问题:VIVE Pro设备和Pro2设备的手柄在steamvr游戏时控制器很少概率出现无法控制的问题。


我的开发环境:Unity2022.3.4 ,Unity OpenXR ,

我们开发是一款PC VR串流游戏。



我们进行了远程控制帮助解决问题。在进入游戏前,我们可以在steamvr视图中看到手柄控制器是可以控制的,进入游戏后手柄控制器就丢失了,无法移动。我们还测试了别的游戏主厨之争(ClashOfChefsVR),疯狂功夫(CrazyKungFu_VR )都存在丢失控制器的问题。(halflife-alyx)没有丢失控制器的问题,感觉好像和OpenXR有关系。







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I noticed a similar thing happen recently with our OpenXR Unity based app. The controllers stopped being tracked properly whilst running our app but if we ran older OpenVR application or running SteamVR home, we could see the controllers tracking fine.

I'm guessing something was up with OpenXR but I have no idea how to troubleshoot the issue.

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