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Eyetracking permission on WaveSDK

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Hello !

I'm using the WaveVR SDK to create an app that uses the eytracking feature.
The eyetracking works fine as intended however I have an issue with the headset feature permission. To enable eyetracking, you need to add the following to the AndroidManifest.xml :

 <uses-feature android:name="wave.feature.eyetracking" android:required="true" />

The issue is that if the user of my app does not have eytracking (which is perfectly fine), it gets a warning when starting the app telling him "This app need eyetracking, you don't have eyetracking connected to your headset, do you want to continue ?".
That the standard android warning for any feature, and this is normal behavior.

Since I don't want the user to be prompted every time it loads the app, I tried to change the requirement like this :

 <uses-feature android:name="wave.feature.eyetracking" android:required="false" />

This removes the warning,  but doing this just disable the eyetracking, it doesn't work anymore.
Any idea on this ? Is this a bug ? or is there another way to disable the warning ?

Thanks in advance !!!

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