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Mirroring VR Screen on PC


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I was wondering if anyone has figured out a good way to stream the screen on the Focus 3 to a PC using the streaming cable.

VIVE Business Streaming is out of the question because I specifically want to show my whats on my developed app that has been uploaded to the headset. I know casting is an option but I find it unreliable and not always available to use.

I have been using SCRCPY but it doesn't do a great job because even if you crop to only one eye there is still some roundness around the edges and the text can still be a tad blurry (see picture).

Settings used for SCRCPY: scrcpy --orientation=flip180 --crop=2000:1377:250:500 -m 2560

I would love to hear if anyone has come up with a solution for this issue.


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