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Vive Open XR documentation and forums outdated

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So I am here because our cosmos elite players are not able to play our unity game using open XR. All other devices work. I have looked through the forums and the documentation but things don't match up and links are outdated with 404 error pages. Here is the documentation I am looking at https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/openxr-pcvr/tutorials/unity/controller-openxr-feature-unity/

I am stuck at step 2. The vive cosmetic controller is not in the open xr options. I am using unity 2021.3.19f1 and open xr version 1.6. I installed the latest unity 2021.3 and was able to get version 1.9 of the open xr plugin but it still does not have the vive cosmo controllers. I have read the forum here: 

And it still outdated. The open xr does not have a drop down like it shows in the picture. I scrolled down wondering if there is an update, but doesn't seem to. I am not sure were the disconnect is with the open xr plugin. Unity says to talk to vive and not sure where to find the answer. My main concern is getting the vive cosmetic controllers working with open XR. Is that possible? I tried installing the tar file from the documentation but nothing seems to be added. Is it outdated?

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Howdy @cheesepants

It looks like the interface has changed a bit, depending on the unity version.


Is the current equivalent drop down if you're using our openxr 2.0 package here https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unity/tutorials/how-to-install-vive-openxr-plugin/

Likely older versions of the openxr plugin would work, but we do fix things when we make these updates 🙂 Likely this is just the ui change in unity, depending on your unity version.

Regardless, we'll take a look at this - I appreciate the feedback!


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Posted (edited)

@Alex_HTC Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if that was the correct choice. We have all vive controllers added to cover our bases with steam. We have that controller set up and we gotten reports that the cosmos elite does not seem to register when playing our unity game. I do see you have more options in your screenshot. I will update my post with what I can see. 

Update: It seems that the website is a bit buggy. I can't upload pictures to this reply. I can only insert Image url. I also can't edit the previous post with the latest picture. Seems like a lot is buggy and missing from vive. Is very frustrating when trying to use this forum. 

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