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Samsung Phone Compatibility


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I purchased a second-hand Flow off ebay. So far, I've been unable to screen cast with both the Galaxy S20 Ultra and ZFlip 4. I can't even finish setup, because the app eventually restarts the setup process after casting fails over and over. Both phones are listed as fully compatible. Vive support has not been able to help. I'm assuming the unit is defective, so I am returning it.
Has anyone had success using the Vive Flow with Samsung phones? I am considering purchasing a new-in-box Flow. However, I don't want to end up with another useless headset. It's possible that the issue is actually with phone/app compatibility across all Samsung phones. You can no longer download the Vive app from Google Play because the app isn't officially compatible with modern android OS's. You need to download the apk from a 3rd party, or contact HTC to get a link.
Thank you for any help you can offer. I know many folks don't care for the Flow, but I just wanted a portable headset for screen casting, and the Flow seemed like the only option.
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